The concept

The ‘Ploggathon 100’ is a Solidarity Challenge with the purpose of turning pieces of waste into trees. This unique event offers you the opportunity to get mobilized for the planet. The challenge will run from the 13th to the 30th of May 2021 and from the geographical location of your choice.

The main goal of the participants: As a team of no more than five people or on your own, you will walk or run at your own pace as far as you can while picking up at least one piece of waste on your way.

Then we will do the maths. For every set of ‘100’ (100 kilos, 100 kilometres and 100 participants) the association will plant a tree.

The ‘Ploggathon 100’ aims to collect more than 100 tons of waste that is lying in nature, while raising awareness about the current environmental issues.

By subscribing to this challenge, you will play a major part in funding our tree plantation and the development of our PLOG-4-SCHOOL awareness program. All while knowing you are doing your part for the Community, Environment and World.

The ‘Ploggathon 100’ aims to turn pieces of waste into trees. But not any tree and not randomly.

We commit to plant a tree for every set of ‘100’.100km ran or walked, 100kg of trash picked up and every100 participants to join this solidarity challenge.

We chose not to plant trees just to plant trees, but rather to engage in an educational program with the most benefit to the community. At the end of the ‘Ploggathon 100’, we will mainly plant fruit trees (with a preference for old varieties) in schools and public spaces to foster the food resilience that our society must turn to. Through this program, we want to raise awareness of the power of trees, especially amongst our younger generations.

These fruit trees will not only be something to evoke thought and hope they will also make cities ‘edible’ by showing communities the value of green spaces.