Our Actions

Sporting events and citizen actions

We organize the events of tomorrow’s world : sports, civic, fun and positive events, both at small and large scale as the Kangaroo Island Ploggathon in video. This environmental benefit event on Kangaroo Island in Australia resulted in the collection of nearly 5 tonnes of abandoned waste in a sensitive natural environment. These events are a real opportunity for the host territory, like for instance our citizen action at Allivet Park, our clean-up operation at the étang de rosière or our collection and awareness action on the beach of Palavas. If you want to offer well-being to your environment, do not hesitate to contact us to organize together an action to benefit all.


Raising awareness of environmental issues amongst young people is our main mission. We offer time and solutions to schools to introduce the concept of sustainable development and talk about different environmental issues in a playful, sporty and caring way, just like this intervention at the Parndana campus. To learn more and benefit from our support and the Plog 4 school program in your school, contact us now.

Partnership and promotion of tomorrow’s world

Through joint activities, we promote brands, services, products or territories that share our values in order to make visible the alternatives and positive actions respecting life on Earth. If you share our values and wish to be highlighted through an exchange, a sharing, a positive action, do not hesitate to contact us.

Shared sports equipment

Our operation favors an economy of functionality, that is to say, we prefer use to possession. This is what we also offer our members with a bank of shared sports equipment. Any unused sports equipment that you have at home is welcome to enhance our sports bank, your material donations are also tax deductible so do not hesitate to give us your best equipment that you no longer need. In addition, you can still use them if you are a member of the association. “Contact us”