About us

Ploggathon is a non-profit association serving the environment.

Sensitize all citizens to protect nature, the environment, well-being and eco-citizenship through our various actions and our one-off events. Protect biodiversity by massively depolluting areas affected by the invasion of waste that nature suffers. Promote alternatives to consumption patterns that destroy life, such as the zero-waste model of life, responsible and civic sports practice, natural products and services that respect the environment. Fight against all forms of waste, whether food or material by recovering, reusing or redistributing all abandoned products and goods.


Our team at the service of the environment

clément c.


29 years old. Citizen of the world and still wandering for 3 years. The adventure and the journey on the other side of the globe allowed him to become aware of the ecological stakes and led to a radical change in his way of life. He is the founder and president of the association. He has found a purpose by combining sport and environmental protection. He now works as a full-time volunteer for Ploggathon and is responsible for the development and operation of the association while combining adventures and sporting challenges at the service of the planet.

Flo B.

Community Manager

18 years old. Floriane is aware that her generation is the last to be able to generate a positive ecological evolution. In the past few years, she tried to slow her impact by limiting her waste and consumption, even though a more ecological lifestyle is still an ongoing process. She is the community manager of Ploggathon.

Lucile C.


Born in a big city, she quickly felt the need to live by the countryside where she studied environmental protection. After 7 years as an outdoor animator, now sport-orientated, she currently is a swimming-pool lifeguard. Her passion for education and awareness about environment protection is still very present in her life, she is also a manager of another environmental association based in Aveyron, where she organises waste collection, zero waste workshops etc.. She brings her help and experience in various subjects to Ploggathon while continuing to learn.

Alexandre P.

Vice President

28 years old. When his best friend Clement told him about his association (of which Alex shares the values), he saw the opportunity to be by Clement’s side and support him in this adventure. Nature lover, crazy about sports and always looking for new challenges, he is the vice-president of Ploggathon and brings his logistical, human and moral support whenever needed.


Software Engineer

Coming from the west coast of France, Charly moved to the mountains so he could ride his bike, kayak or explore the mountains whenever he feels the need to. The rest of the time he is at the university, glasses on his nose, eyes on his computer trying to enhance data on the environment and the climate. He’s pretty smart with computers and develops the website.



Aware of the environmental issues since childhood by her parents, she continued to develop her thoughts as an adult to better respect nature and her health on a daily basis. After adapting her lifestyle to her values, she wanted to go further by sharing these same values within the Ploggathon association.


event manager

22 years old. Currently studying a Project Management Master’s degree, at the age of 22, she became aware that each of our little eco-responsible gestures was a big step for the planet. Passionate about sport and thrill, ecological issues are important to her. Always lokking for sustainable hints, Marina joins the Ploggathon adventure, to be part of a project aligned with her values, and in order to develop and follow the organization of the project.

Sophie G.

Administrative assistant

32 years old. Currently in full personal and professional transition mode, she saw Ploggathon as an opportunity to do something bigger than herself by helping to make the planet a better place. Passionate to seek for zero waste in her daily routine, she’s very interested in a sustainable environment. Sophie is in charge of some of the administrative work for Ploggathon because she just loves to organize and structure things. Kind of a hobby some would say ..

Raouf z.

Event manager

24 years old. Originally from Kabylie, Algeria, he studies sport tourism at the sports university of Montpellier. Already very committed to the associative life back in Algeria, passionate about sports and nature, he told himself that he could also join one in France. So he joined Ploggathon to serve the planet. Very committed, Raouf supports the President in dealing with the daily business of the association.


event manager

23 years old. After his Bachelor’s degree in sports, found of human adventure, he decided to live 7 months in Australia. Last year he came back to France, and more particularly to Marseille to continue his studies in Master Management of Sports Organizations. Unlike his haircut, his motivation does not change and is always positive. Thomas joined the Ploggathon as an intern and will use his skills to help wherever needed.

Michael S.

Communication Manager

Michael Saf, 35 years old is our Aussie team member and is fond of cooking, gardening and traveling. Michael already has a rich professional history in the tourism industry and loves promoting the different regions of South Australia. Michael’s position in Kangaroo Island, lead him to become the major partner of the Kangaroo Island Ploggathon. Today, he has totally changed his role to bring the Australian sunshine to the team. He makes sure that our English communication is clear, correct and precise while promoting Ploggathon in Australia at every chance he gets.

Mathias B.

animation manager

46 years old. After a successful career in sales, he decided to launch his own company named “Divers-Sport” in order to offer people the chance to combine two of his passions : Sports and Nature. Divers-Sport is dedicated to all outside fun sports, for all ages and all levels. He is committed to raising public awareness about the impact human beings have on nature. “If we want to continue enjoying nature and that the future generations keep enjoying it, it’s time we start a sustainable practice of sports with the smallest impact on the environment.” Quite multitask, Mathias manages responsible sports events for the community and also contributed to the development of the website.

Laly b.

Communication manager

22 years old. Ski instructor and outdoor sports enthusiast, she loves being in nature and wants to protect her playground by enhancing the protection of the environment and sharing experiences. She joined Ploggathon as communication manager during her internship for her master’s degree in sports tourism management she is achieving.


Communication manager

Business school student after a preparatory class, she wants to join a community life and surround herself with people who share her values. Adventurer, karateka and fan of sports in general, she wants to share her dynamism to protect the environment. Not feeling comfortable in the entrepreneurial world, she turns to the associative world which gives her a sense, and even a vocation. Enthusiastic about the idea of saving the planet at her level, she didn’t hesitate to join the Ploggathon adventure!

Ploggathon is a non-profit environmental association under the 1901 law. The general objective of the association is to protect life as a whole to counter the rampant destruction of the living world that we are experiencing due to the irresponsible behavior of some humans and some companies. Ploggathon wants to breathe a headwind by cleaning polluted spaces in particular, raising awareness, sharing a vision and a prosperous way of life for all the species that inhabit our beautiful planet. Ploggathon wants to be an activist and partner of the world of tomorrow. A world where life is respected, where the growth of well-being takes priority over the growth of profits, where social justice and equality are not a fiction. The operation of Ploggathon is based on the principles of the circular and solidarity economy. The association uses sport and adventure for the benefit of the environment.

With a view to sustainable development, the association intends to promote information for citizens, environmental education and make society as a whole aware of the consideration of nature, the environment and well-being. and eco-citizenship by offering in particular a responsible and civic sport practice. As a result, Ploggathon does not just stop at depollution and works on a wider range of activity such as awareness, fight against waste, food and equipment, recycling, reuse, repair and reclamation. circulation of forgotten or abandoned goods. Ploggathon's activities are built on the rules of the circular economy and we are committed to:

- Eco-design our events to minimize their environmental impact during the preparation and ongoing unfolding to the strict minimum our consumption of fossil energy and by not finishing waste ourselves.

- Favor an economy of functionality, that is to say that we prefer use to possession.

- Reuse as many existing materials as possible: we will look for equipment that is already in stock somewhere, abandoned, or simply abandoned to give it a second life and prevent it from being thrown away.

- Minimize our energy consumption.

- Give a second life to the collected waste.

- Always adopt a positive approach and not stigmatize during our actions.

- Favor soft mobility, public transport and carpooling.

- Seek excellence and continuous progress on the sustainability of our activities.