Ploggathon 100: the solidarity challenge for the planet

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Ploggathon was born in March 2019 when its founder Clément Chapel decided to run around Kangaroo Island (South Australia), while collecting all the waste along the way.

Outraged at the sight of all the pollution in what was supposed to be nature’s paradise, where human activity is still very limited in many areas, he decided to be part of the solution. This is when the idea of a real Plogging marathon was born. During the marathon Clement ran 300km in 56 hours, over 10 days to collect more than 20,000 pieces of waste, or nearly 2 tons of non-organic matter left in nature. An individual achievement that was only possible thanks to the whole crew.

The entire Ploggathon team collected nearly 5 tons of waste during the event. The waste was then displayed on the grounds of the local brewery during the final event of the KI Ploggathon. This was done to raise awareness of the issues and challenges surrounding waste and pollution. The rubbish was presented in creative ways on the lawns of the brewery to give the maximum impact and raise maximum awareness to the amount of rubbish found in this pristine environment.

-To make all citizens aware of the importance of nature, the environment, personal well-being and eco-citizenship. Showing this through our everyday actions and events.

-To protect biodiversity by cleaning up any areas affected by the invasion of waste in nature.

-To promote alternatives to the destructive consumption patterns of the human race, such as the zero-waste life model, responsible and civic sports, also using natural products and services that respect the environment.

-To fight against all forms of waste, whether food or other, by recovering, reusing or redistributing any products and neglected goods.

Organize the Plogging events of tomorrow by raising awareness of our participants in a responsible and environmentally friendly practice.

Participate in collective education and respect of the environment by offering excursions, workshops, conferences, educational, and fun activities for all levels of the public (companies, schools, after school centres, communities etc.).

Support volunteers in their environmental transition, assisting in reducing their carbon footprint by providing internal analysis and appropriate advice to help achieve their new goals.

Collect and re-evaluate the goods and products neglected by our consumerist society.

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